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Account Transfer gone?

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Did the game shut off?

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perte d'objet lors de transfert coffre/sac a dos

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Making Runic TOOLs, Krya ARMORs and WINGU sets for free from your mats, WTB/WTT Eli nuggs

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double account

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Norstria House Reputation Guide

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2 days ago
Crafting window issue

Good news! Not too long ago, we announced two updates for March. Now it is time to get excited! The first part of the patch, which includes the revamped inventory system, will be implemented on Thursday (19/03) 9am CET or 4am Quebec time. The game will be unreachable for up to 9 hours. We will keep you updated on the progress.

Click for more detailed information.

Server Maintenance on 11th of March

This week's server maintenance will take place tomorrow (11/03) at 10am CET, and last approximately one hour. During this time the game will be unreachable, sorry for any problems caused.

Server Maintenance on the 5th of March

Tomorrow (05/03) at 10am we are going to have to bring the servers down for approximately 2 hours. This is so that we can run a general maintenance on the servers, nothing in the game will be changed.  Thanks for understanding!