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Account Transfer gone?

Bucker (Wojtek)
1 hour ago
Stuck on the little "Please Wait" Hourglass loading thing when first logging in

Emerest (Wojtek)
2 hours ago
Where is my char again ?

Slark (Wojtek)
7 hours ago
Domain mail box

Yogi (Wojtek)
7 hours ago
Shop Bug

Krakaz (Wojtek)
7 hours ago
Login failed

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Lifewarden (Wojtek)
8 hours ago

Balamut (Wojtek)
8 hours ago
Breeding on jewelry

Ksahte (Wojtek)
15 hours ago
Game guide errors

Deva (Wojtek)
17 hours ago
Norstria - useful info abot locs for maxing skills, get useful stuff, etc. Share your findings!

Talenor (Wojtek)
19 hours ago
Гильдия СССР - открыт донабор
Server Maintenance on the 5th of March

Tomorrow (05/03) at 10am we are going to have to bring the servers down for approximately 2 hours. This is so that we can run a general maintenance on the servers, nothing in the game will be changed.  Thanks for understanding!


We've just finished a small update that improves your gaming experience, have a look here to see the full changes.


Cloudigger gives us a glance into how things are going and what to expect in the near future!