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Skystrider (Wojtek)
14 minutes ago
Stick Figures Recruiting (Sub-guild of XKCDIANS) All Welcome

WilliamDerStille (Alchimideon)
17 minutes ago
Kann instanz nich betreten.

Knarn (Alchimideon)
39 minutes ago
Гильдия СССР - открыт донабор

Akak (Wojtek)
46 minutes ago
sell iron nuggets 30s each

Delomar (Wojtek)
1 hour ago
very basic started question from newbie

Stonehands (Wojtek)
3 hours ago
Cloudigger's blog Take 5.5 Shot 1

Wonderbuck (Wojtek)
10 hours ago
Skill-up update

Deva (Wojtek)
12 hours ago
Feed of the Living Bug

Maelman (Wojtek)
15 hours ago
LVL 55 Engi building engineer recipe tools and machines for free

Lyncea (Wojtek)
15 hours ago
oldest guild?

18 hours ago
[INFO] Therian Invaders

Jemali (Wojtek)
20 hours ago
Feed Calculations

We're excited to tell you about the launch of Therian Saga in German!


Therian Saga has a few issue when running on Google Chrome, but don't worry we can help you fix it!

Short maintenance this afternoon (15/04)

There will be a short maintenance this afternoon at 2pm CEST (or 8am EDT) to install some important security updates. The game will be unreachable for approximately 30 minutes. We are very sorry about the short notice. Thanks for understanding.