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Wingu Crafting Bug

4 hours ago
Hello all!

Soeman (Wojtek)
5 hours ago
WTS Kdel/dom harnois gloves

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Effiecent way to gather blacknester?

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Failure to craft?

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Alchemy skill for Balms

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WTS eliandel ore \ nuggets

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WTS full set of odi\domane Harnois Armor

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buying-trading some stuff

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Linux Help

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Co-op Dungeon Runs

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16 hours ago
What can us regular players do to help potentially increase the player base?
Maintenance on the 21st of May

A quick announcement, tomorrow (21st of May) from 10am until 12:00 Therian Saga will be offline for a short maintenance. We'll let you know when the game is back online!

Be sure to schedule in enough tasks to cover for that time! :D


Therian Saga came second in the RPC Fantasy Awards!


We're excited to tell you about the launch of Therian Saga in German!