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WTT Kdel plates

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FAQ, guides, articles, tips&tricks, maps, calculators, etc.

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WTB blueroc ingots 7g ea and eli ingots 8g ea

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WTT for Mela

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What can us regular players do to help potentially increase the player base?

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Robin Hood is Recruiting

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Need to skill off of a Samponar?
Maintenance on the 25th of June

Due to some hardware changes, we’ll have to run a short maintenance on the 25th of June. The maintenance will start at 11am CEST and last approximately 20 minutes. We are sorry about the short notice. Thank you for understanding!

Maintenance on the 18th of June

On Thursday the 18th of June at 10am CEST we're going to have an maintenance on all Therian Saga servers. Nothing will be changed; this is just a routine server maintenance.

We expect the maintenance to last around 2 hours, starting at 10am.


Today we will announce a change that is coming on the 9th of June.
At 10:00am CEST we will run a short maintenance on the server, this is because we will be changing some of the restrictions in place on the premium items.