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Cadyenie (Wojtek)
25 minutes ago
Draft Auroches

Illmaryn (Wojtek)
40 minutes ago
higher presence of enemies in ice-lab and lower depth cloth store

4 hours ago
Tin scales

Cadyenie (Wojtek)
7 hours ago
confirmation email wont show up in in box

IvanTheBearable (Wojtek)
8 hours ago
wts fortified....and stuffs! [select prices lowered]

Cadyenie (Wojtek)
10 hours ago
WTB/T Stuff

Drakhul (Wojtek)
11 hours ago
Runic Kryandel Scraper

fingon (Wojtek)
13 hours ago
Blood and Fire is recruiting

Lordas (Wojtek)
16 hours ago
Kria statuete 50

Cadyenie (Wojtek)
17 hours ago
WTB/T Demonic Bones

20 hours ago
Stuck at loading page

20 hours ago
Unable to enter game
Maintenance - 22nd July

Good Evening Adventurers!

On Wednesday the 22nd of July we will have a maintenance on all servers starting at 10am CEST (4am EDT). The game will be offline for approximately 2 hours. We will let you know when Therian Saga is back online!

Your Therian Saga team


What's special about the 15th of July? Therian Saga will be released in 4 new languages. Please welcome Spanish, Italian, Polish and Turkish!

Maintenance on the 25th of June

Due to some hardware changes, we’ll have to run a short maintenance on the 25th of June. The maintenance will start at 11am CEST and last approximately 20 minutes. We are sorry about the short notice. Thank you for understanding!